In the magnificent Pelarsalen, we have put on everything from exhibitions, gala dinners, and round-table conferences to glittering parties, lectures, concerts, and auditions. HIt is also possible to have your dream wedding here – from 125 guests and up. Only the imagination sets the limitations on how this lovely space can be used.
Outside Pelarsalen is the Marble Vault which can be used for exhibitions or mingling, if the main activity takes place in the Pelarsalen. The marble vault and Pelarsalen are the only rooms on the 1st floor in Norra Latin, so it is easy to make this floor a more private oasis for closed parties.
On the ground floor there is also a separate entrance with wardrobe and toilets.

Please just make it work

Pelarsalen includes standard technology, but in order for your event to get an extra boost, we recommend that you check out our technology packages.


On the plate &
in the glass

Make the event more memorable by inviting the participants to good food. Let them mingle and enjoy a delicious breakfast before entering their lecture or enjoy a good lunch after the meeting. Together we develop the best alternative for you.


Lights, sound, screens
& much more

Some people think that technology is boring and frustrating, so it’s fine to leave that part to us. We have skilled technicians who are happy to help with everything from presentations to managing the image, lighting and sound.