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Boutique venues for grand & intimate occasions

Norra Latin, Sweden’s first boutique house in the 1880s neo – renaissance style. Here are timeless rooms that are perfect for everything, from smaller meetings and more restrained board meetings, to glittering gala parties with extra everything. This is one of the city’s most interesting buildings, if we may say so ourselves, and we will. So what are your plans for the future? We help you create the best of experiences while you can sit back and focus on what you do best.

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Step into the fall well prepared, right now we offer you 50% discount on our smaller venues when you book online. Perfect for the small planning meetings!


What's the occasion, gala, launch party, board meeting or work shop?

We have 25 years of experience in arranging everything from conferences, and kickoffs to private parties, weddings, and grand events. Our fantastic rooms and premises do not make things worse. Here, past, present and future meet to create a unique experiences for you as our guest.


We've got astonishing
venues for you

Whether it is a small event or a grand gala that involves a lot of people (and perhaps one or two famous ones), we have the right social spaces to create the absolute best overall experience – in the middle of central Stockholm.


Venue details
on blueprints

Our boutique house can accommodate up to 1900 people in 30 different rooms. We can therefore always offer the perfect solution whether you are planning a small meeting, an extravagant wedding with a private entrance, or a large banquet of international class.

On the plate &
in the glass

We want to avoid anyone becoming hangry (irritable or angry because of hunger). Therefore, it may be wise to offer guests a coffee, lunch, or dinner along with something good in the glasses to enjoy. Together we develop the best alternative for you.


Whatever you need
all of our services

It is no party without bubbles in the glasses and a dining experience for the tastebuds to enjoy. We solve everything from planning to food, technology and other types of service that allow you to focus on one thing only – dance and have some fun.

“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.” Sheryl Sandberg


Lights, sound, screens
& much more

Some people think that technology is boring and awkward, so it’s fine to leave that part to us. We have real skilled technicians who are happy to help with everything from presentations to managing the image, lighting and sound.

“It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are.” ― Clive James


The personal and physical meeting in focus

How have the traces of the pandemic affected the human view of encounters and what needs have arisen or intensified? Carin Sjöberg CEO of Stockholm City’s largest meeting and event facility gives her view on future meetings.


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Norra Latin is almost shamelessly well located. You will find our proud boutique house between Norra Bantorget and Drottninggatan, close to all possible communications. Limo, scooter, train or bus - all roads lead to us.