Venues for intimate & grand occasions

Having a meeting or party in our boutique house is always a good idea, because we have venues and social areas for just about everything. From smaller launches and conferences to weddings and other types of grand events that include a long guest list. Here you can see our different venues and choose the space that is best for your requirements, be it parties – or meetings.

The we need some privacy ones

The we need some <I>privacy </I>ones 1 - 14 Small

Unique and private rooms, perfect for business or board meetings where more confidential conversations take place.

The lagom ones

The <I>lagom </I>ones 15 - 40 Medium

Airy, cozy, and inspiring rooms that are suitable for press lunches, launches, and conferences of all kinds. Here it is possible to add your own touch to the theme.

The I need some space ones

The I need some <i>space</i> ones 25 - 65 Large

The ultimate rooms with state-of-the-art technology. Suitable for lectures, workshops, and major management meetings. Painted in warm shades, and the rooms have high-quality acoustics so no sound system is needed.

The get lost in space ones

The <I>get lost </I>in space ones 30 - 450 Extra large

Here you will find everything from modern to timelessly beautiful rooms for larger parties, such as the Auditorium, Pelarsalen, and the Music Hall. Perfect for weddings, grand parties, and banquets.

The space
on paper

We have blueprints of our social areas and venues, so you can get a good overview. Enjoy!


We got floors of
venues for you

In our boutique house there is room for 1900 people in 30 different rooms. We can therefore always offer the perfect solution, whether you are planning a small meeting, an extravagant wedding with its own entrance, foyer, wardrobe and toilets, or a large banquet of international class. During the summer, we also organize outdoor events at Norra Latin’s schoolyard. There you have the opportunity to invite a very large audience of several thousand people.