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Our boutique house can host about 1900 people, split between 30 different rooms. Therefor we can always offer the perfect solution no matter if you are planning a smaller meeting, an extravagant wedding with private entrance, or a large banquet of international class. We can assist with expertise and service, and can fix anything from food, service, wardrobe, entertainment, and decorations. You decide how much or how little help you want when you book your event in our boutique house.

Norra Latin is part of Stureplansgruppen.

What's new?

What's <i>new</i>? What do you need for a successful party? And what should you keep in mind when choosing a venue? Here we share our best tips and news about weddings, events, kickoffs and parties.

Once upon a time

Once upon a <I>time</I> Norra Latin is as timeless as a classic suit, or the little black dress. This is also a house that played a major role in Stockholm's history. Stay focused and refill the coffee cup, because now it's going to be a history jeopardy.

Sustain to remain sane

<I>Sustain</I> to remain sane Norra Latin is Nordic Swan Ecolabel and works according to their guidelines. We arrange eco-labeled meetings, parties and events for the simple reason that our planet is important, just like you.

Safety first

Safety <i>first</i> The safety of our visitors and employees is something we care a lot about. This applies to both fire protection and personal safety. Therefore, Norra Latin has well-established routines in the event of, for example, fire, acute illness or theft.

Work hard & be nice

<I>Work</I> hard & be nice We welcome diversity and differences. We are always one step ahead and create guest experiences at the forefront, and together we create joy for the guest. We take responsibility for sustainable meetings, our own health and our environment.

Get in touch

Get in <i>touch</i> Here you will find all the names, emails and numbers that you may need to get in touch with the right person.

Here we are

Here we <I>are</I> Norra Latin has the best location in town. You will find our proud boutique house at Norra Bantorget, close to all possible communications. Limo, electric scooter, train or bus - all roads and means of transport lead to us.

Make us famous

Make us <I>famous</I> Norra Latin is part of Stureplansgruppen. For questions, press releases and photos, we refer here.