In Aulan, (almost) anything is possible. Have your kickoff in a historic setting, invite to a gala dinner, large wedding (from 125 guests and up), or arrange lectures and mini fairs. Here we have preserved the charm typical of the time that strongly influenced the 1880s when Norra Latin was once built. Paintings, decorations, and craftsmanship from the Florentine Renaissance characterize the interior that elevates visitors’ experience.

Beneath the classic surface, we have created a unique conference room with state-of-the-art technology that elevates your event. The large stage can be furnished and decorated as needed. Outside Aulan, there is space for registration, and several group rooms and exhibition spaces adjacent. Wireless wifi is included of course, and so is our knowledgeable technicians when you rent Aulan, good right?

Please just make it work

Aulan includes standard technology, but in order for your event to get an extra boost, we recommend that you check out our technology packages.


On the plate &
in the glass

We want to avoid anyone becoming hangry (irritable or angry because of hunger). Therefore, it may be wise to offer guests a little coffee, lunch or dinner along with something good in the glasses. Together we develop the best alternative for you.


Lights, sound, screens
& much more

Some people think that technology is boring and frustrating, so it’s fine to leave that part to us. We have skilled technicians who are happy to help with everything from presentations to managing the image, lighting and sound.