Better safe than sorry

The safety of our visitors and employees is incredibly important to us, this applies to both fire protection and personal safety. Norra Latin has well-established routines in the event of, for example, fire, acute illness or theft. Our safety work includes arranging training, establishing routines, and conducting maintenance of, for example, fire alarms and escape routes. Both permanent and extra staff undergo fire training that includes both practice and theory. Training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is arranged for all staff who are in different positions out in the facility.

Our main responsibility is to create a safe environment for conference guests and staff by maintaining order and safety in the facility. We want our premises to be as open as possible and for visitors to have access to our public areas. To ensure that no unauthorized persons stay in the house, there are always security guards on the premises when the house is open. We have the opportunity to raise the level of security at the times our customers require it.

There are many aspects of security, and for us it is important that our work with security is in line with current laws and requirements. We have chosen to hire Safehotels for an independent control of our security work, and became the first day conference facility in Sweden, certified via Safehotels in the spring of 2012.


Our safety work aims to maintain a high level of safety as well as to prevent and deter accidents and minimize damage to people, the environment and property.

Safety work must be carried out with an emphasis on preventive activities and must result in employees feeling secure in their work, customers and guests in the facility must feel secure, a high level of service and safety is maintained, the number of injuries and serious injuries is minimized and costs are reduced by fewer damages and losses.