Do you wish to stream your message “live” worldwide? Let us assist you! The conference can be viewed by a selected few or a large group of people and can be made available for varying periods of time. In this package, we offer streaming for up to 200 simultaneous viewers.



We have all the possibilities for streaming, recording, video conferencing and live broadcast on Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook.


Includes Live Web recording and broadcast using one camera. Filming, production and streaming is handled by a camera technician. Your choice of broadcast with or without PowerPoint presentation and one month “on demand” viewing is included in your request.


If the content is of a sensitive nature, it is easy to protect the transmission in different ways. The user must then log in with a password to be able to have access to some of the material. Just as you can protect your content from unauthorized access, in the same way you can use a password and then charge for providing access to the transmission.