Bruces Matsalar consists of four stylish rooms with glittering crystal chandeliers and beautiful art. All dining halls border the café in Norra Latin’s Ljusgård. In the restaurant, a total of over 220 guests can mingle and enjoy lunch and dinner.

The dining halls are named after Sigge Bruce, a student of Norra Latin in the 1930s, and later curator at the school. Inspired by the sea, farm, and forest, and with a creative spirit. our kitchen team offers menus with great variety.

Get me through the day packages

Need any technology or maybe a whole meal? Check out our current deals and contact us, and we can help you so you have everything you need for your event.


On the plate &
in the glass

We want to avoid anyone becoming hangry (irritable or angry because of hunger). Therefore, it may be wise to offer guests a little coffee, lunch or dinner along with something good in the glasses. Together we develop the best alternative for you.


Lights, sound, screens
& much more

Some people think that technology is boring and frustrating, so it’s fine to leave that part to us. We have skilled technicians who are happy to help with everything from presentations to managing the image, lighting and sound.