Sweden’s best dressed man

The prestigious award for this year’s edition of Sweden’s best dressed man has been selected and thus was celebrated with us.

The winner of this year was Alexander Abdalla, who most people recognize from the hit TV-show Snabba Cash. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a good-looking event. It took place in Aulan, where there were small pop-ups with finger food, accessories, drinks and champagne that was flooding. At the entrance downstairs, there was a photo wall where all guests were first photographed and then made their way up to Aulan, which quickly filled up. After a while, Daniel Lind took the stage and presented the winner Alexander, who stepped onto the stage and accepted his award. The atmosphere was joyful with cheers, and it was a cloud of flashes from everyone who wanted to take a picture of the best-dressed winner. The party resumed and there was dancing and mingling.

It sure was a successful evening at Norra Latin.